What’s the expiration date on your business?

What’s the expiration date on your business?

“We tackle the tough questions that keep owners of privately held businesses up at night.”
Richard Lavin

The stark reality is that there is life cycle to everything.  At some point even the greatest waterway has to be widened (the Panama Canal).  A company built on rock-solid chemistry is blindsided by digital process (Kodak).  A disease defeats its medicine (TB).

So what’s in your life cycle? Is your equipment delimiting your growth or ability to deliver new products?  Will your customers abandon you for the “new, new”?  Do you have the banking resources to go the distance? Will your top sales person stall?  As CEO, if you are incapacitated what happens?

Tough questions like these are often difficult to ask within your own leadership team. Everyone has an agenda and a vested interest in the status quo. Questioning each other’s competencies, judgment and vision is threatening.

LEVERAGEDWISDOM CEOs have found the confidential setting of our meetings to be a place they can openly discuss their concerns about all of the above without undermining the confidence of their team or telegraphing their next move.  They’re able to candidly discuss their personal financial risks and explore the financial commitment needed to support change.

Armed with strategic wisdom, CEO’s often use SWOT analysis to build consensus and focus with internal management teams.  The most challenging conversations are around Weaknesses (internal weaknesses) and Threats (external threats). They are the places where leadership teams become most vulnerable. Individuals find themselves working outside their comfort zone.  They are forced to reveal frailties.  This takes courage but, eventually leads to the biggest breakthroughs and real opportunities.

Whatever the setting, wise leaders work hard to get out of their own comfort zone and push their leadership team get out of theirs. To continue the conversation or join our groups, you can reach me at 917 405 6987.

Richard Lavin
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