The Next Entrepreneurial Generation: Still Lonely at the Top

The Next Entrepreneurial Generation: Still Lonely at the Top

Among the members of LEVERAGEDWISDOM is a new generation of entrepreneurs, including the sons and daughters of former members. I call them “Educated – Inventive – Driven.”

This new generation “gets” what LEVERAGEDWISDOM is all about and is predisposed to collaborative thinking and peer process.  What took their parents years to acknowledge, “That no one of us is as smart as all of us,” these new leaders have already embraced as part of their educational process.

Some fundamentals still apply. It is still “lonely at the top” for these new leaders.  There are decisions they alone must make. Most of the people around them have an agenda (direct reports, partners, spouses, investors or even best friends). Sometimes, discussing critical decisions with them is fraught with personal or business risk.

Providing leaders with a confidential, safe place among other CEO/Owners to discuss their challenges and opportunities gives them a chance to make better decisions in a more timely fashion.

So often, we hear members say they wished they had LEVERAGEDWISDOM in their lives when they were starting out. It is going to be interesting to see how our process accelerates the success of this next generation.