Chief Empathy Officer

17 Mar
March 17, 2020

The burden of leadership will grow heavy over the coming days, weeks and months.

In “normal” times your success has enabled you to care for many …your immediate and extended families, your employees, your vendors and your customers. As well as, institutions and charities that are important to your sense of community and shared fate.

Your caring role has many names, parent, daughter, son, sibling, spouse, cousin, uncle, aunt, benefactor, member, congregant, manager, leader, partner, owner.

Many people will turn to you for comfort and reassurance or ask something of you in their time of need. You will have to make thoughtful financial choices in order to provide for and maintain the personal and business relationships that are dearest to you.

Others will count on your calmness, decisiveness, candor and transparency…your leadership.

However, empathy will be your greatest gift to those in need; that is, the ability to listen and care about other’s fears and anxieties, their doubts and fragility.

Listen and speak from the heart.

Empathetic leadership moves people to their better selves and gives them strength to confront their own realities.

Richard Lavin

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